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Snowboard | Build up To Burke Trip – Day #2

Does an early morning run get any better than this?

Snowboard | Build-up To Burke Trip – Day #1

Burke Mountain, Vermont

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In preparation for my upcoming WICed Fest snowboard trip to Burke Mountain in lovely Burke, Vermont I’ll be posting snowboarding videos on a regular basis over the next week.  I hope you enjoy!

We start this series with a video filled at good ole Burke!

Just Watch This

Big Dan's RamblingsThere’s really no words that can describe this other than hysterical.

Rock & Roll Time This Winter!

If this little girl can snowboard at 1-years old, so can my little ones! Look our J&M – this winter is going to rule! Mountain Creek, here we come!

Brisket Smoking Instructional

I found this series of videos to be pretty helpful and thought you might as well. There’s some debate as to whether this is true ‘smoking’ or more of an indirect grilling approach. Regardless, there’s some great information on preparation techniques and using a basic charcoal grill.  You be the judge on whether it’s indirect grilling or smoking…