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My Dog Just Loves the Hose

Big Dan's RamblingsSo, my normally hyper yet scared-of-her-own-shadown lab-mix has decided that she hates the water that comes out of the hose.  Why this water bothers her so much is beyond my comprehension, but we have the ‘pictures to prove it’ as Dicky and the boys used to say. This video was taken up at my parents’ house on a really hot 4th of July weekend this year.


The New Vehicle For Our Journey

Every journey requires a mode of transportation and this one is no exception. In order to smoke you need – surprise, surprise – a smoker!

There’s many different routes you can take here but you’re basically looking at making two decisions – size/shape and fuel source. As far as size and shape goes, you can pick an offset firebox, a cabinet-style smoker, a pellet-style smoker, or your traditional grill (with some modifications to your grilling approach). You’re fuel sources are traditionally charcoal, wood, propane, or electric. Most fuel sources can be matched with most shapes, with the exception being the offset firebox. This option tends to be wood or charcoal only.

The good folks at do a great job of explaining the differences between all the different types of smokers in their article What is the Best “1st” Smoker. I’ll leave it to you to read up on it – no sense is me reinventing the wheel with regards to that article.

Now that we’ve laid a little groundwork on the different types of smokers, it’s time to talk about the smoker I selected. At the end of the day, I had a decision to make – do I want to be forced into learning fire management or do I want to have a better chance of scoring some early victories with my smoker? Obviously, I want to make this more than a fling and, as such, I decided to go the propane or electric route. I decided on this route because all the research I did tended to suggest that folks who aren’t familiar with the art of smoking will be overcome by learning both the fire management and the cooking part of smoking. After a lot of research and review reading, I decided on the Brinkman Gourmet Electric Smoker.

I’m really looking forward to using this smoker. I’d love to hear any experiences that anyone has had with it.