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The Money Pit I Call ‘My Truck’

You know, I thought was doing good. I’d finally landed a good job (that I promptly quit a few months later) and was getting ready to settle down. So, I figured, what the hell! I’d promised myself an SUV all through college and I’d be damned if I was going to buy one. My Saturn finally giving up the ghost – well, really all that happened was the clutch finally giving out after about 165k miles – gave me even more reason to buy a truck. Buying new wasn’t an option with my skinny pay and a wedding/honeymoon coming up, so I bought slightly used – and, hell, what’s 27k miles on a vehicle now-a-days?

Then things started going to shit. Gas shot up to round about $2/gallon almost immediately after I bought the truck. The roof started leaking. The front brakes went. I needed a new serpentine belt. The rear windshield wiper stopped wiping. I busted a foglight. The rear brakes went. The front brakes went, again. The signals only work when the steering wheel is at its highest position. The hardware fell out of the passenger side “Oh Shit” handle. And a rotation sensor went kaput on a rear wheel. Some of this stuff was covered by our warranty, but most wasn’t. And, this all happened in two years.

Now, mind you, most of this stuff was just normal wear and tear and I’m fine with fixing it. Hell, give me the right tools and the time and I can fix most of it myself. It’s just that, as an SUV, all the parts are super expensive. And, knowing myself the way I do, I know that I beat the living snot out of this thing, so I put in the best of everything. Fun, fun, fun!

And, to think that I want a boat one day…..