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My (Realistic) Perfect Man Day

Big Dan's RamblingsI was listening to an interesting conversation on my way into work the other day. One of the DJs was checking out the site and came across this article about a Man’s Perfect Day. It sparked a conversation amongst the hosts of the show as to what their Perfect Man Day would be. I found the conversation interesting and decided to check out the article. It was amusing to say the least. I’m not going to argue the author’s ideal day – it involves golf, fishing, great food and multiple sexual escapades (some with celebrities). It sounds downright perfect.

But it’s not realistic. I mean, honestly, if you think that an average Joe like you and I have any chance of having a naked Scarlett Johannson give us a massage on a private jet ride back from a fishing trip in the Bahamas after playing Augusta earlier in the morning, you’re crazy – I mean, really, do you know how much a private flight costs (that was sarcasm folks, look it up!)?

Regardless, this whole conversation got me thinking about what a realistic Perfect Man Day would consist of – who would I spend it with and what would I do? After some careful thought, I realized that I could honestly put together two Perfect Man Days – one in the summer and one in the winter – and neither one would necessarily trump the other.

Anyone who knows me is keenly aware that my passions tend to revolve around going fast sideways. Give me a board of any kind and I’m generally a happy guy. With that thought in mind, here are my ideas of a Perfect Man Day: Read more of this post


Smithtown, NY | Chop Shop Bar and Grill << Eating Everywhere

Check out the review I did for Eating Everywhere of the Chop Shop in Smithtown, NY. Here’s a small excerpt:

Photo Courtesy of

Chop Shop Bar and Grill
47 East Main Street
Smithtown, New York 11787
(631) 360-3383
Google Maps | Website

My wife and I visited the Chop Shop on a Wednesday night in the summer to celebrate our anniversary. We were hoping for a quiet place to have a romantic meal and the Chop Shop delivered. When you walk into this restaurant, you are immediately greeted by the hostess. The bar is to the left and dining room to the right. The lighting is dim, not dark, and the dark tones on the wall and tables set the mood for a calm, enjoyable evening. We were quickly seated – the restaurant was not busy, yet there were a decent amount of patrons considering this was 8:30pm midweek. The menu was large and many items caught our interest. However, the Wednesday night steak special caught both of our attentions. This terrific assortment included a choice of steak (as well as a choice between three sauces), appetizer or salad, and a choice of side.