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Blak Sheep Gnarly State Park Stik Used and Reviewed

My friend Doug has a small, but up-and-coming, snowboard company call Blak Sheep Snowboards based out of New Jersey.  Below is the review that gave him on his 155cm Blak Sheep Gnarly State Park Stik: Read more of this post

Rock & Roll Time This Winter!

If this little girl can snowboard at 1-years old, so can my little ones! Look our J&M – this winter is going to rule! Mountain Creek, here we come!

Getting Pulled In a Million Different Directions

This week has been crazy – all kinds of stuff pulling at my mind, body, and patience. Here’s just a few things that have been pissing me off!

The weather has sucked, plain old sucked, this week. We had frigidly cold weather this past weekend with about 4″ of snow on Saturday (which made house hunting – see below – oh-so-much fun on this past Sunday). But, for the most part, it’s been dry and cold. Well, we finally get some precipitation roll in. It’s the middle of January, so you’d expect it to be snow right? NOPE! It’s freaking rain – and tons of it. As I type this, we’ve gotten about 4″ of rain in the last 24 hours. Now, mind you, we had an exceptionally warm January, so the slopes (most notably Mtn. Creek) haven’t exactly been dripping with snow. This storm is not helping them by any stretch of the imagination. Speaking of imagination – could you image what this storm would be like if it was snow. 40″ of snow would do wonders to the ski/snowboard economy in the area. I’m just hoping to break even on my season pass at this point.

Working Out & Diet
With the cruise we’re taking about 5 weeks away, the wife and I jumped back on the South Beach that we had so much luck with before. It’s been two days, and I’ve already dropped 6 lbs. My body totally responds to this kind of diet. I’m also trying to get back in the groove of working out. So far, so good – although I kicked my own ass yesterday. Too much, too soon – I think. I’m trying to do a combination of weights, cardio, and yoga as a way of training for my main sports – snowboarding and surfing. I’m gonna try to put some swimming into the equation around March so that I won’t be spent for surfing – although, I said that last year and it never happened.

Right now, I’m just going through a bit of carb withdrawals, so I’m sure that my mood and petulance for all things before me are partially due to that. It’ll all be worth it in the end though as I’ll look good and be healthier when it’s all said and done.

I’ve just started looking around and playing with these. I figured they’d be a good way of learning about what’s going on in the world while I’m at work – better than having Ozzie blasting into my ears all day long. Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with Ozzie, but learning something here and there won’t hurt either.

I can’t wait until this project is done – too much crap and not enough recognition. I don’t even way to get into it.

Home Buying
This activity is something we just got into. This past weekend our landlord upped our rent by $60/mo. Now, that’s nothing – $15/wk. Totally affordable. BUT, we’ve gotten to the point where we are sick of paying rent every month in an amount that would take up the vast majority of a mortgage payment. So, we’re looking. We attended about five or six open houses last weekend and will do so again this weekend. Long story short, we beginning to define what we do and do not want/need in a home. Unfortunately, we’re looking at spending $400k – $450k for a home and putting down, maybe, 5% down payment. That’s sad.

Truck Mania!

I’ve recently been bitten by the bug. My truck has turned into my new obsession. I will have it ready to do some beach-combing next summer! I can’t wait. First order of business is to put some decent sized tires on it (due to popping one this past week) and raise it up a bit. After that, the upgrade list looks something like this:


  • Tires – After popping my right rear the other day (pulling out of PepBoys of all places) and realizing that the tires where going south quickly anyways, this has become a top priority. I’ve been tooling around and found two that I really like.

    I’ve got 235/75/R15’s on there now – I was thinking about bumping up to 265/75/R15’s (or bigger). Any thoughts on this?

  • Driver’s Side Foglight Replacement – Rock busted it while I was playing in the parking lot of a local snowboard hill in NJ. Finally got around to getting the part. Should be replacing it this weekend.

Near Future Mods

  • Diamond Clear Corners & Headlights
  • Tinted (or aftermarket) Tail Lights
  • Explorer Brake Light Decal
  • Uniform Tint in Driver & Passenger Windows
  • Billet Grill
  • Interior Mods – dash knobs, gauges, & door handles are all possibilities
  • Rear View Mirror – Something snapped a year or two ago in this stupid thing and it shakes like hell. Gotta get a replacement
  • Cargo Bay Cover – The spring some how broke (I think one of my buddies – or my wife – pulled it out too far), so it doesn’t retract without manually rolling it back. Needs replacing since I use it alot.

Long Term Upgrades

  • K&N Air Intake
  • Torsion Lift – need more info/how-to info (been doing some research online)
  • Shackle Kit – ditto above
  • Upgrade (stock +6-CD in arm rest) sound system
  • More to come

I’ve got a ton of other stuff I want to tackle including intake and exhaust, not to mention getting the truck detailed next spring and then hopefully repainted in a year or two. All kinds of fun – this weekend starts it all off with a few fixes – replacing the driver’s side fog light (broken at Mountain Creek this winter) and replacing a lug bolt that snapped last weekend while I was replacing all four pads and rotors.

Fun city! I love working on my truck!

The Forced Vacation Begins

So, I’m being forced to take some time off over this next week. I can’t say I’m very happy about it, but if it’s going to help our bottom line – especially given our stock price activity as of late (hint: It’s been going down faster than I can bomb an icy East Coast slope) – then I’m game for it. The weekend has started out pretty good so far. I went to Creek with Brent and snowboarded for a half day. Pretty good day – I hit up some nice table tops and even nailed the rails (note: a few of the rails and hits nailed me back).

Tomorrow I am dropping off my cousin and the city and will (finally) have my house back. She was a great guest – very quiet, fairly clean, and generally conscious of her surroundings – but I (and my wife) just felt like guests in our own home at times. The problem with tomorrow is that it’s supposed to be snowing here, so driving in to the city is going to be oh-so-fun. At least we’ll get her in there, drop her off, come back and relax on a snowy day (I’ll have to venture out at some point to go to the gym). After that, this week will b e pretty mellow. I’m going snowboarding with my (old?) boss on Wednesday – that’s the plan right now anyways. Then, the wife and I are probably going to head up to CT to go to either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun for the day. Depending on the rate we get, we’ll probably stay the night. Then, I’ll be snowboarding next weekend. It’ll be a nice spend some time with the wife – I’m pissed that I’m being forced to waste my vacation time, but what am I going to do.