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Well, this site is my newest home on the net. And, I am currently a SuperMod there. Great place, great people AND a great set-up. Just a bunch of blue-oval owners helping others out.

Not much else has been up. I’m officially cleared to return to everything athletic as of yesterday (yeah, like I needed that)…not much else going on. Shake-ups at work, good times at home, and fun times with friends…more later – it’s BEER-THIRTY now!

The TriSpot – Forum and Training Logs.

The TriSpot – Forum and Training Logs

Great place for those of you who are interested in starting to do triathlons or those of you who do compete in these events.

I’m thinking about starting to train for one simply because I need to compete in something, [i]anything[/i], again. I miss that competitiveness that is required during competitions.

Surf Info Page Reports

Surf Info Page Reports This is a great page for surf reports in my area…good to know about too since surf is going off lately.

If I can ever figure out the links part of this page, I’ll add to it