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Knock! Knock! Is This Thing On?

So, way back at the beginning of September, I posted about how busy I was and how I had a ton of stuff going on in my life.  Not much has changed.  My family is still nuts – I swear my girls get faster by the day – and work is still a bear.  But, it’s all good.  My girls are SUPER fun!  My wife and I are planning a week long vacation, something we haven’t done in about four years, and work is always interesting.

But, all that excitement means that I’ve been neglecting this place.  Not to fear though.  While I haven’t been posting, I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot and where I want to go with it.  The food part of it is great and I expect to continue on with some recipes as well as chronicling my adventures in the kitchen and on the grill / smoker.  I’ve also identified a few things I want to write about in the future.  Here’s just a little insight into what’s coming this way in the next few months:

  1. A multi-part series on how I’ve implemented a GTD-ish approach to life
  2. 3-Part series on travel guidance based upon everything I’ve learned in the last few months
  3. Product reviews for some cooking equipment
  4. Outline some potential modifications I plan on doing to my smoker
  5. Contemplations over my next smoker
  6. Discussions about some software I’m using and how they are best suited to my needs
  7. PS3 or Xbox – what should I buy?
  8. Any relevant sports discussions that come up

I hope you all stick around for the ride.  It’s sure to be fun!

Kids and Ice Cream

Big Dan's RamblingsI really do not intend this to be a blog about my kids, but I just can’t help but smile and laugh every time I see this video. One of my little girls got her first chance at eating an ice cream cone all by herself for the first time. I think she enjoyed it!

It’s times like this that make being a parent the best job in the world!

Cussing With Kids

Big Dan's RamblingsThis post is most definitely rated PG-13 for language. You were warned…

I have never been a huge user of cuss words, but I don’t exactly shy away from them either. Words like “shit” and “damn” are pretty regular occurrences in my daily vernacular. I am, however, conscious of where I use such phrases. A public setting where kids are present is a big no-no. Work is a place I usually avoid using them as well. I was taught to respect others in my environment and that’s what I tend to do. I’ll drop a cuss (even f-bombs) on occasions, but only very rarely in public and never ever in front of kids. My house, however, was essentially my sanctuary. I could get away with saying just about anything there and I did. It wasn’t uncommon for my wife or I to drop a ‘shit’ here, a ‘damn’ there, or even the occasional f-bomb.

That all changed when the kids showed up.
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Rock & Roll Time This Winter!

If this little girl can snowboard at 1-years old, so can my little ones! Look our J&M – this winter is going to rule! Mountain Creek, here we come!