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Google Music on the way?

It’s a slow sports day, but this caught my interest:


According to tech site CNET, Google is building a cloud-based music service to take on iTunes that could launch as early as this fall.

How sure of a thing is Google Music? It’s squarely still in rumor territory at this point, but CNET’s report cites “multiple music industry sources”, and even the Google Music image you see above was found on Google’s servers. So while unconfirmed, we’d say it seems pretty likely.

Let’s hear more specifics—including what would make Google Music a compelling switch for you—in the comments.

Google music store could launch this fall [CNET]

What do you think?  Is Google Music something you’d be interested in?

Riviera : Broken Sounds from Chicago, IL

Riviera : Broken Sounds from Chicago, IL

It’s funny the things you run into on the net.  The other day, I was digging through my CD collection and came across a CD that I had burned for me a few years ago.  It was my old college roommate’s first studio effort with his band – Sugar Maple Voodoo.  The CD was titled Jibe.  Anyway, I went and ‘googled’ them on the web and found this page – MixedWire: News.  It had all of SMV’s first album studio stuff as well as their long-lost, never fully publicized studio album on it.  Interesting.  Anyway, long story short, I found my old roommate through Friendster and got to talk to him.  Come to find out, he’s out in Chicago, he’s married, and he’s playing with this band Riviera.  I bought their new CD At The End Of The American Century… on iTunes.  It was a $10 investment in his future.  How could I not…  Not bad stuff.  You can hear the Wilco influence, but there’s also flairs of everything from Tom Petty to The Grateful Dead to the Stones.  Interesting stuff.  If you like the alt-country/rock type music, then you’d probably like it.

And, to top it off, they are coming to NYC next month – September 16th to be specific.  I might try to see him.  I think it’d be a good time.

Regardless, be sure to check out the site and listen to the band.  You never know, you might just like it.