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Surfboard Hysteria…

So, with the knee on the mend, I’ve gone in search of some new rides! And, what better time of year to start looking than the end of summer when all the posers decide to pawn off their barely used sticks so they’ll have some pocket cash to put towards a new snowboard (which they’ll ride twice all season).

Lucky for me, I’ve found a few gems:

First up is a beautiful 9′ Tri-Fin Rainbow Longboard. From the description on, it’s in great condition and ready to rumble. No, I’m not telling you the link because it’s going to be mine, all mine!!!! I’ve honestly been dieing to get my hands on a longboard since I started surfing and this may just be the way to do it. And, really, where do you find longboards (especially on Long Island) for $250 anymore. Blue Crush and MTV killed that! I’m so pumped about it. With the shitty waves we get here on the East Coast, a longboard is a necessity. Now, I just need to get my knee back in shape again.

The second board I’m looking at is a 7′ In the Eye tri-fin. Slightly used, but still in great shape, this board looks to be a steal at about $150. It slightly reminds me of a cross between my 6’6″ egg and 7’2″ funshape that were each stolen this year. Both boards look like a blast to ride. Add these on top of the custom-made bodyboard that Brent is making for us (as we speak) and I’ll be good to go come September. I’ve just got to keep doing my rehab, eating my vitamins, and saying my prayers (yeah, I’m an old-school Hulkamaniac – whaddya gonna do about it, brother?!?!) and I’ll be ready for hurricane swell this fall. YEAHHHH!

Welcome to LI, Hurricane Alex

Hurricane Alex is sending some love our way. Report has it at overhead (and then some), glassy, and pretty much perfect. Too damn bad I’m stuck here at work w/little to no time off left on my account. I’m bummed out big time. I decided to not get wet yesterday due to the fact that Ris had a bad day at work yesterday (How someone can threaten to “fucking kick her ass” in regards to their boss – in front of two other managers, mind you – and not be fired is beyond my comprehension. Unions are pathetic wastes of space these days). So, instead, I went home, did laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, and generally took care of her. She appreciated it, but still, I missed a day of surfing – BOOO! Hopefully I’ll get wet tomorrow (as today is a gym day – and probably a little too big for me anyways).