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What’s the Haps, Jack?

Once again, I go a while without update. But, there is a good reason for it. I’ve been busier than a, well, I’ve been pretty damned busy.

Let’s see, last you heard, it was early March and I was just working a job as a contract/temporary mechanical designer while still getting the house done. Here’s what’s happened since:

Ris and I got all the painting done that we wanted to do. The living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, 1/2 bath, and den are all done. Thank God! That just sucked! I’m so glad it’s done.

We hosted Passover and Easter at the house this year (the two reasons why the painting got done) and they went off without a hitch. We could use a bit more furniture in the house for folks, but it definitely fits everyone. It was nice to have everyone at our place for a change. And the wife made some GREAT food!

Now that the weather has warmed a bit, our attentions have turned outside. We planted a couple of vegetables (tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, red peppers, and green beans). I think we planted a little too early though. The peppers seem to have died and the eggplant and tomatoes seem to be clinging on. We do have a few sprouts of green beans though! I’ve got some more tomatoes, peppers, and a few other items that I’ll be planting now that I believe the weather is warm enough. Actually, I had this great idea for this really big garden, but when I went to till the soil, I found out that the area I chose (which was marked off by the previous homeowners) actually had a tree in it. The previous owners ripped down the tree, but didn’t remove the stump or roots. So, now I’m going to spend my entire spring working this big f’ing stump out of the ground. Yippee! I probably won’t have it out in time to plant either. Pisses me off.

Other than that, all is well with the house. The yard is being maintained nicely (it’s in dire need of a grooming though) and the rest is good!

I got a job! A real “you have benefits and vacation” job! I’m working as a Manufacturing/Reliability/Mechanical Engineer at a company out in Westhampton Beach. So far, all is well. I love it. The best part is that I’m working with a lot of people from my old company, so it’s quite comfortable.

That’s about all for now…more updates later.

More Noise & Other Disturbances

There’s probably a whole three people in this world who read this blog (myself, the author, being one of them), but that’s OK. It’s most likely due to my less than diligent approach to putting information up here. In that sense, it’s become more of a journal for me than a blog for others, but that’s neither here nor there.

Let’s see if I can’t update everyone (all two of you) on what’s been the haps lately for the Mrs and I. I suppose the beginning is just as good a place to start as any.

We closed on our house on December 22, 2006 – the Friday before Christmas. We were amped, geeked, totally happy. After our closing we went and picked out colors and went to Home Depot (the first of countless trips to the HD) for paint. After a lovely stay at my parents (minus the stomach bug that ripped through everyone including Tek, our dog), we were able to attack the house. I had the week off between Christmas and New Years and spent it getting the house ready. It was more of a crash course on wallpaper removal and painting. We moved in for good at the end of that week and started our lives as homeowners.

I went back to work the following week to find out on Tuesday that I would be losing my job. I can’t get into specifics due to the terms of a legal settlement, suffice it to say that we (my company) did nothing wrong but were sued anyways and were not able to afford to fight. That sucks – doing nothing wrong and not having deep enough pockets to fight it.

So, there I was – a new homeowner with no job. What did I do? I went on a 4-day snowboard trip to VT, made gratuitous trips to the HD and got a new dog. Very financially responsible!

Actually, the snowboard trip was already planned and paid for. It’s an annual trip that we make every year. HD trips kept me sane because I did a lot of work on the house – mostly joint/compounding and painting the kitchen and half bath. And the dog, a chocolate lab mix named Cally (short for Calamity Jane) was free. She had such a sob story that we had to take her in.

Since then, I’ve taken a temp job as a mechanical designer while I look for a new engineering job. The irons are still smoldering in a few locations, but the trail is getting shorter and shorter. There’s potential to come on board here, but I don’t know if I want to.

So, that’s my life since Christmas in a nutshell. Hope yours hasn’t been as hectic 🙂

Oh, and everyone be sure to check out my buddies blog – The Daily Pube. It’s pretty damn funny! I might even be contributing from time to time there!