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Product Review: 15ft HDMI Cable

15ft HDMI CablesPurchase these 15ft HDMI Cables from

I recently purchased a new Sharp Aquos 60-inch 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV a few weeks ago after my Mitsubishi 55″ Rear Projection TV supposedly dumped out on me – it’s a long story that culminates in me not checking the cable box and that being the culprit. Anyway, I had been running three-wire HD component video for years on the old Mitsubishi and decided that I wanted to upgrade to HDMI cables. There were many reasons for this decision: A) they take up less room, B) when I buy a receiver, it will be easier to integrate everything and C) everything I read said I would get a better picture if I changed from component to HDMI cables.

So, I was in.  Changes things up and see where we go.  When I was buying my TV, I looked around the store (name withheld to protect the guilty) and was appalled at the prices I was seeing.  They were honestly asking $100 or more for a 8′ cable.  Are you serious?  Highway robbery at the best.  Let me just say that, as an engineer working with electronic communication equipment in defense contracting, I deal with cables on a regular basis and have a good idea how much they cost.  The cable I deal with – and these are ruggedized, We-can’t-afford-failure-in-the-sandbox cables, not your rinky dink home theater cables – cost about that to manufacture.  And most of that cost is the heavy-duty MIL-SPEC connectors on each end.  I can’t believe that a home theater cable could cost so much. Read more of this post