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2011 Resolutions | #2 – Run At Least 3 Races

Runner 693

Image by tychay via Flickr

I have been meaning to talk about the power of goal setting and some methods for setting and achieving goals on this blog.  As a way of addressing this topic, I am going to talk about my four resolutions for 2011 this week.

I do not now and never have considered myself a runner.  As you read in the previous post, I have always been a big person.  Growing up, I played football, basketball, baseball and (in high school) track.  I always played positions that required more strength and power than speed and endurance – lineman, center, catcher, shot putter and discus thrower.  I have never needed endurance in my athletic pursuits.  However, as time moves on, the requirements of your body change.  Likewise, I found that once I left school-related activities I lost an outlet for my competitive nature.

Running will cure these issues and 2011 will be the year I commit to being a runner. Read more of this post