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Snowboard | Build-up To Burke Trip – Day #4

Fully Open!

Snowboard | Build-up To Burke Trip – Day #3

Looking forward to filming and riding in this park!

Snowboard | Build up To Burke Trip – Day #2

Does an early morning run get any better than this?

Snowboard | Build-up To Burke Trip – Day #1

Burke Mountain, Vermont

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In preparation for my upcoming WICed Fest snowboard trip to Burke Mountain in lovely Burke, Vermont I’ll be posting snowboarding videos on a regular basis over the next week.  I hope you enjoy!

We start this series with a video filled at good ole Burke!

Football | Cromartie’s Personal Song!

I’ve purposely been quiet about this weekend’s game between the NY Jets and the NE Patriots, but I can’t help passing this along. It’s way too funny!

This little ditty is pretty much the ONLY thing that has come out of New England this week and it’s not from Tom Brady, Bill Belichick or any of the Patriots.  Great stuff!