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Big Dan

Big Dan

I am a Boston-bred guy living on Long island – a preacher in a foreign land, if you will. To paraphrase Denis Leary – I like football and beer and books about war. I live and die with the Patriots and the Red Sox. The C’s and B’s are also a source of much pride and occasional heartache, but I will be the first to admit that basketball and hockey aren’t my favorite sports. Call me a fair-weather fan if you will, but I stick with them because they represent the best of the northeast – Boston!

I’ve got a bunch of hobbies – many times I’m told there are too many – other than Boston sports. First and foremost is my family – a beautiful wife and twin daughters. They are the apple of my eye. I’m also big into boardsports – snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and my newest hobby – kiteboarding. Pretty much, if it’s fast and sideways, I’m into it. Other than that, I like to cook. As you might imagine, grilling is my specialty. While I’ve always loved eating it, I’ve recently developed a large interest in making BBQ foods – especially smoker cooking.  I also spend much of my time searching for ways to match a delicious meal with the perfect beer. As one can imagine, this research is thorough and time-consuming, but I am up to the challenge!

This blog is going to be a complete dumping ground for all my thoughts. Food, beer, sports, life, kids, and everything in between. Enjoy the ride.

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