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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Snowboard | Build up To Burke Trip – Day #2

Does an early morning run get any better than this?

Snowboard | Build-up To Burke Trip – Day #1

Burke Mountain, Vermont

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In preparation for my upcoming WICed Fest snowboard trip to Burke Mountain in lovely Burke, Vermont I’ll be posting snowboarding videos on a regular basis over the next week.  I hope you enjoy!

We start this series with a video filled at good ole Burke!

Football | Cromartie’s Personal Song!

I’ve purposely been quiet about this weekend’s game between the NY Jets and the NE Patriots, but I can’t help passing this along. It’s way too funny!

This little ditty is pretty much the ONLY thing that has come out of New England this week and it’s not from Tom Brady, Bill Belichick or any of the Patriots.  Great stuff!

UMass Football | MAC Is A Good Option

UMass Football

Image by simsbury119 via Flickr

I like to think that I have enough integrity to admit when I am wrong.  I recently wrote an article about my opinion on UMass Football joining the Mid-American Conference (MAC).  In that article, I talked about how I thought the Big East was a much better choice for UMass.  I used arguments about natural rivalries, more financially sound television deals and increased recruiting power (due to Big East affiliation) to promote my position.  All these points are sound and make a lot of sense when you look at the MAC versus the Big East.  I received a lot of feedback on that article beyond the comments on this blog.  After reading through these comments and doing some more research, I concluded one thing: I was wrong!  Moreover, the reason that I was wrong was because I overlooked one critical piece in this whole puzzle. Read more of this post

2011 Resolutions | #4 – Renovate My Basement

Remodel in Progress

Image by housechick via Flickr

I have been meaning to talk about the power of goal setting and some methods for setting and achieving goals on this blog.  As a way of addressing this topic, I am going to talk about my four resolutions for 2011 this week.

The resolutions I have explored over the last few days have all been bout personal development – both physical and intellectual.  For my last resolution in 2011, I have elected to embark upon a journey that will benefit my family both financially and in terms of bettering our quality of life.  As most readers know, I have twin girls who will be two years old this summer.  My wife and I bought a comfortable three-bedroom, one and a half bath house four years ago.  When we bought it, we had just one dog and no children.  In the past four years, we have added one dog and the twins.  Our once spacious house has since grown a little less empty.  I will rectify that situation in 2011.

My final resolution for 2011 is probably the hardest one for me to accomplish – I will commit to make our house more livable for my family. Read more of this post