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Garlic & Peppercorn Marinated Chicken

It’s kind of ironic that my first post on here is about grilling and not smoking, but I’m sure you’ll deal with it.  I am aiming to get in the habit of recording most, if not all, grill and smoke sessions here, so bear with me while I get things going.

We were looking to do something pretty easy this evening.  In an effort to help facilitate lunch for the week, we figured we’d grill up a bunch of boneless chicken breasts and then use them for salad and what not during the week.  Anyway, read about what we did after the jump.

Prep Work: I cleaned and trimmed the excess fat off roughly 4lbs of boneless chicken breast.  Once the chicken was clean, I placed it in a bowl and covered it with Drews All Natural Garlic & Peppercorn dressing.  I made sure that every piece was coated well and then covered the bowl and placed it in the refrigerator for about three hours.

Cooking: I started by firing up the propane grill and allowed it to reach about 525oF. Once the grill reached temperature, I turned the middle burner off, left the rear burner on high, and kept the front burner on low.  The chicken was distributed as evenly as possible.  I closed the cover and allowed the grill to reach temperature – about 325oF.  I left the cover closed and allowed the chicken to cook for 10 minutes.  At this point, I flipped them and returned the cover to close.  Another flip occurred at the 20 minute mark.  At this point, I put the front and middle burners to medium and left the rear burner on high.  The chicken cooked for another 20 minutes like this, getting flipped once at roughly the 30 minute mark.

Results: The chicken was pulled off the grill and allowed to sit for a few minutes.  I didn’t keep track of exactly how long.  We coupled it with a baked potato (done in the convection oven) for a pretty nice meal.  The taste was spot on – hints of garlic and peppercorn and a nice grill flavor with no one flavor being overwhelming.

Lessons Learned: The chicken was, for my taste, a little dry.  I have to assume that this result was due to my impatience in turning up the heat at the end.  I’ll definitely have to make sure that I keep the indirect grilling in full effect for the duration of the time next time I use this recipe.  All in all, this was a successful grill and I’ll be using this marinade again in the future.

One response to “Garlic & Peppercorn Marinated Chicken

  1. Sam 19-April-2010 at 6:52 am

    I’ve never heard of Drew’s. I’ll have to try it.

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