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Monthly Archives: April 2010

We Have Takeoff!

Ever since I bought my smoker – and, truth be told, for a long time before that – I’ve wanted to make restaurant quality brisket. Brisket, to me, epitomizes what true BBQ food is all about. It’s just a tasty, hearty, succulent meat that, when prepared correctly, just makes your mouth water. So, I decided to jump in the deep end and see if I can swim. With my first run on my new smoker, I decided to give a 4.5-lbs piece of brisket a shot. Results after the jump.

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Brisket Prep

I’m going to prep my first brisket tonight.  I’ve got a 4.5lbs slab o’ meet and I can’t wait to get this train moving.  I’m still up in the air over dry rub vs. marinade.  Any suggestion?


I know it’s been only a few days, but I’ve decided to tweak the look for this blog a little.  I believe the old look was a little too…futuristic (for lack of a better word)…and this look is a little more calm and easier on the eyes.  Let me know what you think.

Brisket Smoking Instructional

I found this series of videos to be pretty helpful and thought you might as well. There’s some debate as to whether this is true ‘smoking’ or more of an indirect grilling approach. Regardless, there’s some great information on preparation techniques and using a basic charcoal grill.  You be the judge on whether it’s indirect grilling or smoking…

A New Toy On The Way

You’ll quickly learn that I’m a gadget guy. It probably has to do with me being an engineer. Anyway, take a look at the new toy I have on the way. It’s Maverick’s RediChek Remote Wireless Smoker Thermometer.

This little gizmo will allow me to keep an eye on my smokings while not opening the lid. Plus, it’s a pretty cool little toy!

Review to follow.