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Movin’ On Up

I had a nice talk with my boss this week. Just a little background – late last week (or the week before) he had asked us for a self-assessment for 2005. Instead of putting my usual 2 minutes of effort into it, I spent a few hours on Saturday actually sitting down and defining accomplishments, goals, and areas that I want/need to improve. Anyway, when I was happy with the wording and presentation of everything, I sent it to him.

In the middle of one of our usual design discussions, he started talking about the future and how my company is trying to make career paths solid and identifiable. It seems as though I’m at the point where I’m almost ready to pick whether I want to go down the management or technical path. After getting a sneak peek at the ‘corporate ladder,’ it looks as though there is a point where you can cross over – something that’s good if you made the wrong choice 😉

But, he has also been, slowly, loosening the reigns on me and letting me go. I like the idea of being able to ‘sink or swim’ a little bit more on my own. I feel a renewed sense of purpose and ambition here. I think it’s just what I need. It’s been a crazy week, but it ended off nicely. We got great news (can’t say too much, it’s not public yet) at work and also set up snowboarding plans for tomorrow. I’m pumped! Life is good – even if I’m broke at the moment.

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