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Ramblings from a Boston Boy stuck in New York

Truck Mania!

I’ve recently been bitten by the bug. My truck has turned into my new obsession. I will have it ready to do some beach-combing next summer! I can’t wait. First order of business is to put some decent sized tires on it (due to popping one this past week) and raise it up a bit. After that, the upgrade list looks something like this:


  • Tires – After popping my right rear the other day (pulling out of PepBoys of all places) and realizing that the tires where going south quickly anyways, this has become a top priority. I’ve been tooling around and found two that I really like.

    I’ve got 235/75/R15’s on there now – I was thinking about bumping up to 265/75/R15’s (or bigger). Any thoughts on this?

  • Driver’s Side Foglight Replacement – Rock busted it while I was playing in the parking lot of a local snowboard hill in NJ. Finally got around to getting the part. Should be replacing it this weekend.

Near Future Mods

  • Diamond Clear Corners & Headlights
  • Tinted (or aftermarket) Tail Lights
  • Explorer Brake Light Decal
  • Uniform Tint in Driver & Passenger Windows
  • Billet Grill
  • Interior Mods – dash knobs, gauges, & door handles are all possibilities
  • Rear View Mirror – Something snapped a year or two ago in this stupid thing and it shakes like hell. Gotta get a replacement
  • Cargo Bay Cover – The spring some how broke (I think one of my buddies – or my wife – pulled it out too far), so it doesn’t retract without manually rolling it back. Needs replacing since I use it alot.

Long Term Upgrades

  • K&N Air Intake
  • Torsion Lift – need more info/how-to info (been doing some research online)
  • Shackle Kit – ditto above
  • Upgrade (stock +6-CD in arm rest) sound system
  • More to come

I’ve got a ton of other stuff I want to tackle including intake and exhaust, not to mention getting the truck detailed next spring and then hopefully repainted in a year or two. All kinds of fun – this weekend starts it all off with a few fixes – replacing the driver’s side fog light (broken at Mountain Creek this winter) and replacing a lug bolt that snapped last weekend while I was replacing all four pads and rotors.

Fun city! I love working on my truck!

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