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Ramblings from a Boston Boy stuck in New York

Post-Op Update

Arrived at the hospital at 7am this morning and was in a car on the way home by 11. Couldn’t believe how quick it all went. Doc says that the back of my knee cap showed a lot of wear and tear, so they cleaned that up. They shaved down my cartilage, and also removed my planka (?). He had mentioned the planka before. I guess it’s a band of tissue on the inside of my knee. I’ve been searching all over the net since I got home and can’t find anything about it.

I can already bear some weight on it. The doc had me pretty numbed up when I left, so I was thinking “Damn, this is gonna be easy.” Then I got home and the pain meds wore off. Guess I’m going to have to use that Vicadin. Oh well. Either way, I’m putting weight on it already, although they want to avoid that for a day or two.

I’m doing well otherwise. I woke up and the first thing I thought was “I’m wicked hungry!” Guess that means all is well. I’ve been eating fine all day, so I’m happy. I’ve even been able to keep to my diet. So, I go get the stitches out next week and then see the doc again the week after. A little PT and I’m good to go. Time to do the other one after that I guess.

Thanks for all the well wishes though, folks. It means a lot to me.

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