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Monthly Archives: February 2005

The Forced Vacation Begins

So, I’m being forced to take some time off over this next week. I can’t say I’m very happy about it, but if it’s going to help our bottom line – especially given our stock price activity as of late (hint: It’s been going down faster than I can bomb an icy East Coast slope) – then I’m game for it. The weekend has started out pretty good so far. I went to Creek with Brent and snowboarded for a half day. Pretty good day – I hit up some nice table tops and even nailed the rails (note: a few of the rails and hits nailed me back).

Tomorrow I am dropping off my cousin and the city and will (finally) have my house back. She was a great guest – very quiet, fairly clean, and generally conscious of her surroundings – but I (and my wife) just felt like guests in our own home at times. The problem with tomorrow is that it’s supposed to be snowing here, so driving in to the city is going to be oh-so-fun. At least we’ll get her in there, drop her off, come back and relax on a snowy day (I’ll have to venture out at some point to go to the gym). After that, this week will b e pretty mellow. I’m going snowboarding with my (old?) boss on Wednesday – that’s the plan right now anyways. Then, the wife and I are probably going to head up to CT to go to either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun for the day. Depending on the rate we get, we’ll probably stay the night. Then, I’ll be snowboarding next weekend. It’ll be a nice spend some time with the wife – I’m pissed that I’m being forced to waste my vacation time, but what am I going to do.


Wow, I haven’t been around much lately, I suppose. I’ve been pretty busy though. Work’s been hammering away at me. I’ve gotten involved in a new tool design project that’s got me really excited. They kind of screwed me over and offered me a quasi-management position and then took it off the table, but we’ll see what happens. I don’t think it’s my boss’ fault, so whatever.

I’ve broken even on my season pass (woohoo!) and have been riding 10 times this season. It’s been about 4 or 5 years probably since I’ve broken double-digit days riding – and back then it was like 30-40 days a season! Hey, you take the good with the bad I guess. I should have close to 20 by the time the season’s over. I’ll be pumped for that.

My cousin is still living with us. She should be leaving soon. Not that I mind her, but it’ll be nice to get the house back to ourselves. It’s just weird having another person living there.

And, hey, the Pats won another Super Bowl. I think it’s time to break out good old Pat Patriot! GO PATS!

Charging at Waterville

Watch Brent Hit the C-Rail!

This was just the first day of a great trip. We had about 25 people or so, only two of which skied from my memory, and we just rode all day and partied all night. There was salt being poured over people’s heads and massive amounts of alcohol consumed – my heart is still pumping fast from all the Red Bull and vodkas. WICed Fun time!!!